Modem Spy can record phone call like answering machine software

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Answering machine software

People know how important to own an answering machine. But only few of them know answering machine could be inside computer: so-called answering machine software.
Our award-winning software, Modem Spy, has answering machine mode. Modem Spy can playback greeting message, and record responce. All answering machine messages are stored as a regular WAV files on computer.
  • Record all phone calls automatically
  • Record sound from microphone
  • VOX recorder will start and stop audio recording.
  • Playback records via computer speakers or the phone.
  • Computer answering machine mode.
  • The answering machine will also log Caller ID information.
  • Make a short text notes about every answering machine record.
  • Use computer phone recorder instead of your hardware answering machine.
  • Store your answering machine records in any sound format!
  Software answering machine screenshot

Caller ID
Order your powerful answering machine now!

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